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SPI Supplies

Low2High Vacuum is the distributor for SPI Supplies in the Nordic region. We have access to SPI Supplies' full range of acessories and preparation equipment in the electron microscope area. If you would like to send us an inquiry or an order, please use spi@low2high.se Please state your delivery adress, VAT no, item and number of items.

About electron microscopy

Electron microscopy is an umbrella term for different types of microscopes that uses electrons instead of electromagnetic radiation to obtain images of very small objects.
Using this technique, one can get past the resolution limit of visible light, which enables resolution of the individual atoms. But parts of the technology in two areas Transmission electron microscope (TEM) and Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
The electron beam is absorbed in the air why electro-optics and preparations to be contained in a vacuum chamber

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Maskrospollen i elektronmikroskop

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